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10 Cheap Ways to Spice Up a Patio Without Looking Cheap

We’ve all seen the incredible patio layouts on HGTV and in home improvement magazines. Turning your patio into something that picturesque would be a dream come true. Those beautiful sceneries don’t come cheap, though, so it probably hasn’t made it to the top of your list of home improvements just yet.

stone patio

However, creating your own patio that looks like the photos doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways you can integrate affordable elements and make it look like an expensive renovation. Here are a few ideas.

1. Upcycled Furniture

Sometimes the only thing your patio needs is a little update to your existing furniture. For wooden lawn chairs, sand them down and spritz on a coat of spray paint. You can also try your hand at reupholstering your furniture. If you aren’t very good with your hands, you can just have a professional do this for you. It’s often more affordable to have an upholsterer fix up your furniture than it is to buy new items.

2. Plants and Vegetation

By far the most affordable and elegant thing you can do for your patio is to add plenty of plants and flowers, and also keep them looking neat and trimmed. Another popular idea is a pergola with climbing vegetation, which affords shade through layers of vines. For a list of best vines to use for your pergola, see this blog post.

3. Perfect Accessories

As you’ve probably learned from decorating the interior of your home, the right accessories really pull a room design together, and the same can be said for your outdoor furniture. Use the perfect pillows, throws, lamps, candles, and garden decor to complement and brighten your existing patio design.

4. Upgraded Color Scheme

Take a good look at your current color scheme, and update it to match the latest styles. Right now, bright blues and the color of the year, marsala, are huge in the home decor world. Add a coat of paint to your fence, pergola, and any walls, or switch out old accessories for new ones to match your new color scheme.

5. Defined Spaces

Consider the space planning of your deck. Are there gaping holes? Are there areas that don’t have a specific purpose? Fill in any holes and make sure every space has a job, whether it’s to lounge with a good book or to sit at the outdoor bar.

6. Updated Flooring

An entire flooring job is pricey at best, but there are ways you can update the look. By simply throwing down a rug or outdoor carpet, you can take a plain concrete floor and turn it into an inviting living area. You could also paint the concrete flooring a solid color or a fun pattern. If you do have it in the budget, consider adding laminate wood panels over the top of your existing flooring for a fresh, updated look.

7. Soft Lighting

Almost anything looks good with the right lighting. Explore different options for patio lighting, including solar lights that won’t cost you anything to use. Other options include lanterns, candles, and Chinese lanterns.

8. Thrift Store Finds

You might be surprised at the items people give away, so if you’re looking to modernize your space, spare a visit to your local thrift store or go garage saling. You can get steals of deals on high-end items.

9. Native Decor

Before you purchase plants or brick, take a walk in nature first and see what you can find. Native rocks look great as a liner for your plant life, and native plants can be easily repotted into your planters.

10. Recycled Art

Finally, before you make your next trip to the landfill, assess your garbage. What you previously thought of as junk could be transformed into classic patio art pieces with a little ingenuity. For example, cut and sand shapes out of rusted metal sheets, or use an old wicker basket as a rustic pot for your plants. With a good eye, you can have high-quality patio decorations at no cost to you.