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Most Functional Kitchen Remodels

There’s a reason open concept kitchens have held their place as one of the hottest design trends of the last few years; people spend a lot of time in the kitchen and don’t want to be left out of the daily activities. Because it’s the most “used” room in the house, it needs to be both attractive and functional, and if your kitchen isn’t meeting both of those needs, it’s time for an upgrade.


Think About Your Cooking Processes

Before you make any plans for a remodel, consider the way you use your kitchen. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you like the way it looks?
What bothers you the most about your current design?
Are you spending a lot of time running between sink, fridge, and stove?
Do your countertops stain and scratch easily?
Do you have enough cupboard space, and are you using all of it?
Are your floors easy to clean and attractive?
Do you have enough space to work?

Continue to ask yourself questions like these to figure out what changes need to happen. Use these questions as a launching point, but continue to jot down different thoughts and ideas you receive while you work in your kitchen. Since you may not be able to redo everything in your kitchen, focus on the things that are most important to you. As you make plans to improve your kitchen, consider these exceptionally functional and popular remodels.

Redo the Countertops

Chances are, one of the biggest things you’re lacking in your kitchen is functional countertops. If you have stained and scratched wood-finished counters or dated tile countertops, it’s past time for an upgrade. The most popular countertop material used today by far is granite. According to Granite Transformations, a leader in the countertop business, engineered granite countertops are a top-of-the-line option that will last. Furthermore, Granite Transformations shares the installation is simple, since it can be installed right on top of your existing countertop, and the material is stain, heat, and scratch resistant. It’s the perfect material for a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Move or Add an Island

Though this involves a little more work than some of the other renovations you could do, it’ll be well worth it if you can optimize your kitchen processes. An island in the right place allows you extra counter and serving space that will streamline your cooking processes. If you don’t have one, add one that’s just the right size and perfectly positioned in the middle of your work area to allow for easy access. If you have one, but it’s too big, small, or awkward, call in a professional contractor to discuss your options for changing or moving it.

Add a Prep Sink

According to Real Simple, the germiest place in your home is actually your kitchen sink. With that in mind, you can probably guess why a prep sink is a good idea, not only for easy food preparation, but also safety.

Preparing your food in a sink separate from the dirty dishes reduces the amount of germs that can come in contact with your food during preparation. A prep sink, cleverly placed in your new island, is the perfect way to improve your kitchen in a myriad of ways.