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8 Beautiful Destinations You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

Paris, London, Spain, New York City, the Bahamas…there are dozens of cliché vacations. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these places – they’re incredible, in fact – maybe it’s time you try something new. The world is a big place and you shouldn’t restrict your travel to only the places you see in popular magazines and television shows.


1. Iceland

Since the name begins with the word “ice,” many people have a negative connotation associated with the country. However, those who do are truly missing out on hidden beauties throughout the country. When you visit Iceland, you can visit the Blue Lagoon, a natural hot pool that’s rumored to heal the soul. There is also Seljalandsfoss, where you can both view the northern lights and stand in a waterfall. Tourists can go dog sledding, stand inside a volcano, see clockwork geysers, pick bananas, watch whales, and much more.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

The serene beauty and spectacular landscapes make Bosnia and Herzegovina one place with the most breathtaking views everywhere you go. There are incredible hikes through rolling hills and soaring mountains, and there are plenty of things to look at as you tour the oldest of towns and meet new people.

3. Murren, Switzerland

Have you ever been to Yosemite? Murren is often compared to the beauty of that natural preserve, but with Swiss villages and culture mixed in. Vehicles of any kind are not allowed in the alpine cities of Murren, making it one of the most peaceful, natural, and beautiful places you’ll ever visit.

4. Morocco

Many people dream of going to Morocco, but few actually go, and even fewer visit some of the most wonderful parts of the country, such as the laid back beach town of Essaouira, one of the the longest oasis valleys in the world known as Tafilalet, , and don’t forget a visit to the rolling dunes of the Sahara Desert to ride camels at sunset!

5. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Scotland is another incredible destination and worth the distance traveled. You’ve probably heard rumors of its beauty, but you need to see it for yourself, especially the Isle of Skye, a less-frequently-traveled destination. You can enjoy boating trips on the expansive ocean surrounding this incredible island, while viewing the decadent beauty of the rolling hills, rocky cliff faces, and lush greenery native to the island.

6. Peles Castle, Romania

This castle has been dubbed Europe’s most beautiful castle, although many tourists don’t know about it. Romania isn’t often a destination added to your “must travel” list, but if you are able to make the trip, you’ll be inspired by the towering turrets, intricate stone masonry, and lush surrounding greenery.

7. Chile’s Valley de la Luna

The translation of this expansive desert known as the driest desert on Earth is “The Valley of the Moon.” Though a desert doesn’t seem like something that would be on your list of must-sees, it is an incredible sight, with a spectacular oasis town in the middle where you can sleep, eat, and sight see.

8. Kylemore Abbey

This large abbey filled with history and amazing architecture is hidden to the west of Ireland. It was once a Victorian castle but is now used as a nunnery. It’s perched on the edge of rolling, green mountains, facing the water. Tourists can enjoy the incredible stone masonry of the castle and the lush gardens maintained by the inhabiting nuns.