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6 Luxury Fashion Items Every Businessman Needs

Whether you’re preparing for graduation and getting ready to enter the business arena, or you’re an experienced professional who’s finally come to his senses, you might not be fully aware of the impact of fashion in the workplace.

Women have gotten all the attention in the media for what they wear, but fashion is important for men, too … even if there aren’t as many options. In fact, the lack of options is a big part of what makes it so vital for you to master the nuances of style.

fashion accessories for businessmen

Don’t stroll into your office without these six items

If success is your goal, you probably shouldn’t head to work without at least considering the potential impact of these six luxury fashion statements:

Nice-looking watch. Whether it’s right or wrong, most other executives in the business culture will judge your success and affluence by the watch they see on your wrist. Showing up to a board meeting with a digital sports watch or cheap metal knockoff isn’t going to do you any favors. You need to invest in something classic, flashy yet tasteful, and easy to recognize.

Pair of cufflinks. One would hope you have a couple of French cuff shirts in your wardrobe. If not, start by purchasing a few. Then you need to invest in a few pairs of classic cufflinks. A set of gold and silver pairs is ideal, because you’ll want to match them with your belt buckle or tie clasp.

Travel accessories. For businessmen who do a lot of traveling, it’s worthwhile to go in style. From the headphones you wear to the writing instrument you use, make sure everything you take with you says “success.” A fair amount of networking can happen in airports and aboard planes, so don’t miss out on the opportunities by appearing disheveled, disorganized, and ill-equipped.

Tailored suits. Perhaps nothing is more important than the suit you wear. While a cheap off-label suit might work, does it really compliment you? You should always have your suits tailored and avoid wearing bulky, over-sized outfits. Not only will you look good in a tailored suit, but you’ll also have a lot more confidence.

Leather briefcase. Even if you don’t have anything to put in it, you should always be seen with a nice leather briefcase. It’s practical and tells people you have a purpose. While it’s okay to have a shoulder strap, make sure your briefcase also has a handle. In formal situations, it’s not appropriate to have a briefcase thrown over your shoulder.

Designer sunglasses. The sixth and final luxury statement every businessman needs is a pair of designer sunglasses. Because it’ll be one of the most visual items in your appearance, you don’t want to skimp here and go for some cheap convenience-store option. While it could cost a few hundred dollars, keep in mind that quality sunglasses last for years. It’s important to regard them the way you would a watch: as an investment.

Pay attention to the details

As the above analysis should have made clear, men’s fashion is mostly in the details. Women have the option of wearing various sizes, colors, and styles of jewelry, makeup, and accessories, but men can only employ a few options.

Learning how to distinguish yourself while staying within the parameters can be a challenge. However, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll find it easy to make people regard you as successful and worthy of respect.