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Which Android Apps are Best for Legal Professionals?

Professionals in various fields have embraced technology and the lawyers are no exception. Many are now using mobile devices in their work making it convenient for them to accomplish their tasks even when away from the office. Apps focused on lawyers and law students have also been developed to help them in their work and studies.

apps for lawyers

Lawyers and other legal professionals as well as law students can take advantage of applications available on the Google Play Store. They range from the legal reference apps to those that can be used for organizing notes and files. Many attorneys in the U.S. are now fully utilizing them in their practice including those from

Here are several legal apps that will arm you with the law and help you organize your work wherever you go.


With the dLaw app, there’s no need to bring those bulky law books at home. Originally named as DroidLaw, this legal tool provides access to the Federal Rules of civil procedure, evidence, appellate and criminal procedures, bankruptcy procedure and the U.S. constitution.

dLaw’s other great feature is it allows users to save information which they can browse offline later. There’s also an RSS section for legal news, blogs and keyword searching.


smartLEGES is a free app considered to be the best law manager for android devices. It has reasons to be as the application can download the U.S. Constitution as well as the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence among other free documents.

A great advantage of this app is it can provide access to the laws of other countries including Brazil, France and Spain. Additionally, one does not need to have an internet connection in order to read through the documents.

Still another edge of smartLEGES, particularly the latest version, is that it allows users to change the font size, color, background color and your screen’s brightness. This makes it ideal for lawyers or law students who have vision problems.


This app is perfect for lawyers who want to be updated of the latest happenings in Congress. It lets users monitor elected officials, find their location as well as read the latest bills and laws.

To search for specific bills, one only needs to type a keyword. You can even set the app to notify you on any new bill that’s up for voting.

Congress also allows you to call the office of a representative, visit their website, view their bills and the committees they belong to.

Picture it Settled Lite

This is a free tool that can help lawyers in their negotiation and mediation work. It allows lawyers in evaluating and settling their cases through the use of statistics and probability sciences.

The Picture it Settle Lite app lets lawyers monitor their negotiations and decide on the best action to take via neural networks. With this tool, attorneys will now be able to see the progress of their cases at a faster pace.


AgileLaw is a free app that lets lawyers work paper-free. It needs to be installed on your tablet then you hand the device to the deponent in order to navigate through the deposition without using any printed document.

It’s free to use the app to be able to view exhibits during an in-progress deposition. However, you will be required to sign up and create an account on the AgileLaw website in order to take part in a real deposition either as a witness or participant and see the revealed exhibits. Copies of exhibits will also be sent to you automatically after the deposition ends.