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The Top 9 Beach Destinations for the Winter Holidays


If you do not want to trudge around in the snow this winter, take a trip! This article will reveal nine of the best beach getaways that you can take to cure yourself of the winter blues and come home with a tan with February.

1. Tulum, Mexico

Along the coast of the Riviera Maya in Mexico, Tulum is a deceptively tranquil town that is full of excitement and adventure for the winter tourist. Visit well preserved Maya sites, sunbathe on one of their exquisite beaches in your favorite beach wear, or treat yourself to a massage in a luxury resort.

2. Seven Mile Beach (Cayman Islands)

Caribbean Travel + Life named this getaway one of its “Ultimate Beaches”. Wade in the crystal blue waters or soak up rays on this 5.5 mile – its actual length – stretch of paradise.

3. Eleuthera (The Bahamas)

This piece of paradise has over 100 miles of untouched pink sand beaches that are not heavily populated. TripAdvisor named The Cove Eleuthera one of its “Top 25 Hotels in the Caribbean.”

4. Hawaii’s North Shore

If you are a surfing fan who wants to stay closer to home this winter, try the North Shore beaches in Oahu, Hawaii. Experts say that the rough waters of world-famous locations such as Sunset Beach and Ehukai Beach make for an amazing surfing experience.

5. Punalu’u Beach

If your idea of fun involves seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, visit Punalu’u Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii. Visiting this location will give you ample opportunities to see exotic specimens of seals, turtles and other animals.

6. Punta del Este (Uruguay)

If your winter getaway plans do not involve searching a Hawaiian beach for sea turtles, then you might want to consider visiting Uruguay’s Punta del Este beach. This is an especially good getaway for those who enjoy bustling activity on their beaches as Punta del Este is well-known for its party atmosphere.

7. Ipanema Beach (Brazil)

Brazil is known the world over for its pristine beaches, beautiful people and jubilant party vibe. Ipanema Beach, located in Rio de Janeiro, is an especially popular Brazilian hot spot where people can order cachaca on the beach, sunbathe, play volleyball with the locals, and people watch.

8. Gordon Beach (Tel Aviv, Israel)

If you want to go off the beaten path and take a winter getaway to an urban metropolis, try Tel Aviv, Israel. Yes, Israel. This international city also has beautiful beaches that are not too far from the accoutrements of urban living. Visit Tel Aviv’s Gordon Beach and learn how to play matkot, which is beach tennis.

9. Miami, Florida

No list of the best getaways for the winter months would be complete without the inclusion of Miami, Florida. This city is known for its beaches, its beautiful people, and its world-famous nightlife. If you want to sunbathe in the day and dance at night, Miami needs to be near the top of your winter destination list.