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Art Exhibits You Don’t Want to Miss This Year

With 2014 now in the rearview mirror, the art world has an exciting new year ahead. According to Albert Scaglione, CEO of Park West Gallery, “2015 is going to be a big year for art in New York and around the world.”

Art enthusiasts will have many incredible opportunities to see exciting and groundbreaking pieces. There are even some surprises in store for those on the lookout for something fresh from familiar sources. After tumultuous events in global politics the last year, there is a stir in the art world coming soon.

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Manifesta 10 European Biennial of Contemporary Art, which ran through October of last year in St. Petersburg, rocked the art community at large with displays of politically charged pieces from classical and contemporary artists. Those seeking exhibitions that explore the role of art in society will not be disappointed with what’s to come; here are five exhibits to look forward to:

1. 56th Venice Biennale.

This prestigious art exhibit is one of the oldest in the world and has even been compared to the Olympics, in terms of the involvement of art aficionados from around the world. This year, the theme is All the World’s Futures, focusing on the relationship between art and artists and taking a look at how both aspects of art reflect the status quo of the world. Art lovers, dealers, and fellow artists can expect to see a reflection of philosophy, politics, sociology, and anthropology in the art featured in this year’s exhibition. This exhibit will run from May 9-November 22, 2015.

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art – China: Through the Looking Glass.

This exhibit will focus on high fashion in China historically and contemporarily. Attendees can expect to be enthralled by Chinese mythologies and cultural impressions as they have affected art through the centuries. It will also explore the impact that Eastern design has had on world famous fashion designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent. With more than 100 examples of fashion and other works of art, the exhibit seeks to enlighten viewers about the connection between pop culture and art in China. This exhibit is set to run from April 10-November 1, 2015.

3. Musee du Quai Branly, Paris – Tatoueurs, Tatoues.

Those interested in the history of tattoo art will be delighted by this unique exhibit featuring both primitive examples of tattooing, as well as modern designs; running from May through October. The curators intend to use the art depicted to fuel discourse on tattoos as religious, social, criminal, and identifying markings in culture. Are they rites of passage, body defilement, or a little bit of both? The globally representative exhibit will pose this and other questions.

4. The Whitney Museum’s Inaugural Exhibit.

After an astounding exhibition at its former location? –? a retrospective of Jeff Koons – the Whitney is poised to recreate its success at its new location this spring. The Whitney will present its entire collection simultaneously, in new interior and exterior spaces in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District on the Hudson River. The collection includes over 21,000 American works collected since the early 20th century. Artists include Frank Stella, Laura Poitras, and Archibald Motley, and the exhibit begins in May.

5. Kandinsky Before Abstraction, 1901–1911.

Taking advantage of its unique relationship with a poorly understood artist, the Guggenheim will present an exhibition of works that Wassily Kandinsky created early in his career. Drawn from the Guggenheim’s holdings, the exhibit presents an intimate look at paintings and woodcuts from the father of abstract art’s formative period. Tracey Bashkoff, Senior Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, and Megan Fontanella, both of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, organized this exhibition, which runs through April.

Let the excitement of the coming year influence your art journey over the next twelve months. Globally, there is no shortage of unique and all-encompassing art exhibits that promote dialogue on today’s pressing social issues and dive into history!