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6 Unexpected Perks of Living on the Beach


Many benefits of beachside living are obvious: The gorgeous views, the (often) year-round sun, and those doses of vitamin D. However, whether you’re looking to buy or for a timeshare, there’s more to life at the beach than you imagine. For starters, it’s a great option for ex-pats looking for affordable housing abroad while managing an online business (think foreign income tax exemption combined with those low housing prices in Costa Rica!).

But first, remember that smart home shopping is your foundation. Work with a realtor who specializes in beach houses, and who works in the area you’re interested in buying. A buyer’s realtor can work wonders, but only if you’re both on the same page. Next? Consider these many surprise benefits of life on the beach:

1. They’re easy to lease

Should there come a time when you want to move or travel extensively, it’s pretty easy to rent out your beach property. However, don’t try to do this alone. Check out Nolo’s tips for when a property manager is important, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in good hands. In some instances, the high prices you can demand from paradise rentals is so sweet, it just might encourage you to get into investment properties.

2. Relatively low crime

Obviously this isn’t a guarantee, but generally there’s less crime in beach towns than in major cities. Maybe it’s all those laidback vibes that has people biking around and leaving their doors unlocked. As an aside, this can also mean lower homeowner insurance rates. The Huffington Post recently covered the happiest seaside towns, and maybe that lack of crime has something to do with it.

3. You basically have to take up a water sport

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, try out stand up paddle boarding, fish or dive, beach towns give you the opportunity. After a few lessons, water sports are nearly free (depending on the equipment necessary of course). Plus, swimming is constantly renowned as one of the best and safest workouts around. Who needs a costly gym membership?

4. It’s where Blue Zones happen

Blue Zones are relatively rare, and occur when the average age of residents is over 100 years old. Unsurprisingly, this is almost exclusively in beach towns. As if you needed another reason to buy at the beach, the appeal of happily living past 100 can be added to the list.

5. You’ll become a seafood snob

Forget farm to table and check out sea to table. For those who love sustainably sourced, local fare nothing compares to really fresh catches of the day. Even better, every beach and bay has a different “flavor” so you’ll come to know your own beachside town as truly unique. From fish to oysters and everything in between, you might even start sourcing your meals yourself.

6. You might just need one wardrobe

Many times, beachside towns are temperature (more and more so the closer you get to the equator). If you prefer to spend 365 days per year in a swimsuit and flipflops, this is where it’ll happen. This is especially helpful for water sport enthusiasts, people who are perpetually cold, or anyone who prefers not to maintain four distinct wardrobes throughout the year.

Life’s a beach, but only if you choose a home and location that’s suitable for you. Start by making sure your realtor is on the same page, and remember that there are various rules and taxes when you start looking abroad. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the home shopping experience. You need to start embracing the laidback lifestyle as soon as possible.