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5 B2C Mobile Businesses You’ll Love

Why are you wasting precious time, gas and cash driving from place to place? With the advent of mobile businesses serving customers just like you, you may as well let companies come directly to you. There are even some instances where corporations work with food trucks and mobile mani vans so their employees just have to go right outside to grab lunch or a little mid-day pampering. However, depending on your city, there’s a plethora of additional mobile businesses that might be at the ready, and you don’t even need to overpay to connect when you get a phone from Cheap Phones or discount outlet.

You’ll be paying a small premium for this to your door service, but once you factor in gas, time and frustration saved, you’ll likely break even. As businesses become more sophisticated with mobile engagement, that means more than just mobile readiness for their websites or app development. They’re also realizing that to really serve customers, they need to literally deliver. Here are a few mobile businesses that might be in your neighborhood:

spa service

1. Spa services at home

This might include manicures, pedicures, hair services, waxing or body scrubs. For years, masseurs have been coming to homes, and finally the rest of the spa industry is getting on board. While The Times of India recently reported on the many benefits of going to a spa, who says the spa can’t come to you? Whether it’s for pampering just for yourself or with a group of friends, you don’t need to leave the comforts of home for indulgence.

2. Chef-prepared meals

For those who love the food at a fine dining experience but want the romance of being at home, this is the perfect arrangement. There are many companies and private chefs that offer a world class fine dining experience using your kitchen to prep and serving the meal wherever you’d like. When it comes down to it, even the best chefs in the world (some featured by Epicurious) can be lured to private chef status for the right price. However, there are also budget-friendly options in major cities.

3. Christmas tree removal/recycling

You see roadside stands for tree recycling all over the place, but what if you don’t have a truck to haul your tree there or don’t want to scratch the pain of your car’s hood? Check out services that come to your home, wrap up the tree, and recycle it for you. Some might even offer to clean up the needs in their wake. You get all the joy of a tree without the hassle of removing it.

4. Yoga and fitness lessons

You want to get as much out of your workout as possible, but commuting to the gym can be a real struggle. The easiest solution is to have your trainer or yogi come right to your home. There’s no gym bag to pack, no driving to studios, and no wondering if your class will be canceled on short notice. Plus, you’re held more accountable when you know your trainer will be arriving at a certain time.

5. Food trucks

In some cities food trucks are stationary, while in others they roam the streets looking for the best spots to park for a few hours. Food has never been more mobile, whether it’s grocery delivery or finding out where your favorite food truck is today. Instead of a formal sit-down experience, get on the move and dine on some of the best fare in your city. It’s often fresh, local, seasonal and much more affordable.

Who knew going mobile could be taken so literally? Save yourself time and hassle and let everyone come to you. Maybe that’s Beyonce’s secret to seemingly having more time than everyone else.