7 Rules for Giving a Killer Presentation

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving a presentation to your boss, the entire Board of Directors, to your kid’s class or in your own grad school class. This can be a stress-inducing experience for even a seasoned professional. You’re never sure how your audience is going to respond, and you want to strike a balance […]

How to Find the Best Family Law Attorney

Whether you need help with a divorce, custody dispute, paternity case, visitation rights, or anything in between, it’s smart to have the right family law attorney on your side. But with so many different lawyers to choose from — and each essentially promising the same things — how do you sort through the average firms […]

9 Rules for Being a Stellar Employee

Grade point averages, volunteer work, and other standard resume features can only tell you so much about a person. In the real world, employers are looking for more than an impressive resume; they want an impressive employee. Becoming that person requires nine essential traits, all of which contribute to earning brownie points from your boss. […]