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Top 10 Ways to Boost Views of Marketing Videos

The written word is no longer sufficient to reach today’s consumer. No matter whether a business sells products and services to the general populace or to other businesses, consumers are drawn into integrated marketing strategies that include the use of audio and visuals. Marketing videos allow businesses to reach thousands or even millions of consumers while showcasing the features and benefits of their products and services. This guide explains the top 10 ways businesses can boost views of their marketing videos.


Make It Short and Sweet

Nobody wants to watch a marketing video that goes on and on. Keep it less than 2 minutes, explains this article on If the video doesn’t capture the viewer’s attention in the first 10 seconds, the viewer tends to shut it off.

Talk About the Benefits

Talk less about the features of the product or service and more about the benefits. Consumers want to know what is in the deal for them. Detail the benefits of the product or service and how these will help the consumer.

Leave Something to the Viewer’s Imagination

Marketing videos should give consumers a taste of what a product is. The video should not give the whole story behind the product or list every single feature of the item. Leave the viewers with a strong desire to go out and purchase the item and be pleasantly surprised about what they find.

Tell an Interesting Story

While a marketing video doesn’t need to be an infomercial, it should be interesting. Present the product or service in a way that solves a problem the viewer has. The story of the product or service should have a beginning, middle and a conclusion.

Be Concise

A one minute video allows for about 140 words. Trying to talk too fast or use a fast speaking voiceover will frustrate viewers. Use an experienced editor or copywriter to create concise copy.

Speak Clearly

Mumbling, talking too quickly or thick accents can all mar the audio of a marketing video. Make sure that speakers and voiceovers are clear and easy to understand. Avoid the use of complex words or slang that may be confusing or offensive.

Look into Copyrights

Using music in a marketing video can capture attention of viewers but it can also capture the attention of the authorities if the music wasn’t paid for. Companies can produce their own music, pay a fee to use music or look for royalty-free music.

Be Professional

Use professional automation and professional editing. Expert illustrators and artists can help to ensure animation looks great to the viewers.

Keep It Moving

Viewers want to see something interesting on screen. Keep the automation or the person moving. Avoid prolonged still shots that will bore the viewer.

Include a Call to Action

Provide the video viewers with a way to get more information. Include a website address, phone number or address. Tell them why they should buy the product or the service.