Top 10 Items That Smartphones Have Replaced

As more Americans become owners of smartphones, the devices are beginning to replace what used to be considered everyday staples of life. Providers of mobile solutions are starting to pay attention to what people do with their smartphones and are using that information to engage with consumers in creative ways. These top 10 items that smartphones have replaced are important to online marketing firms and the providers of mobile services.


1. MP3 Players

Few people tote around a separate music player now that smartphones can download songs, make playlists and even play videos. Smartphones provide more storage for music than MP3 players and hold a charge longer too.

2. Cameras

Today’s smartphones have photographic capabilities and video recording equipment that is just as good as many digital cameras on the market. Smartphones can also instantly upload the photos onto photo sharing services or send them to friends and family members through an email.

3. Day Planners

The days of paper planners are nearly over. Smartphones offer a variety of calendar and scheduling apps that make it easy for users to keep track of the schedules of multiple family members. Mobile solutions providers can use the information in scheduling to create targeted messages related to available products and services in the area.

4. Alarms

Many smartphone users are taking to using alarm functions on their phones instead of relying upon a separate alarm clock, explains this article on Phone Dog. Because smartphones are attuned to the atomic clock, they are more accurate than most alarm clocks.

5. Notes

Instead of leaving each other reminder notes, friends and family can text each other on smartphones instead. Thanks to mobile technology, there is no need to look around for a scrap of paper to jot down a reminder to return a library book or pick up the kids after school.

6. Lists

A grocery list written on paper is soon to be a thing of the past. Smartphones allow consumers to create lists and even map out the locations of products in the stores. Mobile solutions providers can link this information with targeted ads from retailers and suppliers to let them know about special promotions.

27. Shopping Around

Consumers can use their smartphones to compare prices between stores. Thanks to this technology, consumers no longer need to drive around to find the best prices.

8. Product Review Guides

Rather than going to the library to find the right edition of a consumer reviews magazine, smartphone owners can look up product reviews online.

9. Scissors

People who used to enjoy clipping coupons can put their scissors away. Customers can even download coupons and match them to what they need to buy. Many stores are now offering digital coupons that just require a flash of a bar code from the phone’s screen.

10. Televisions

Smartphones allow owners to watch anything from video clips to movies. Consumers can get the weather, watch music videos and even see goofy commercials.