This is How Charities Use Social Media to Help their Causes

For one reason or another, many people view social media strictly as a form of entertainment. We post casual status updates and regularly share quotes, images and videos that are primarily trendy in nature.

However, social media is composed of many shades, one of them being its charitable aspect. Many new and prominent charities have acknowledged and embraced social networks for a variety of reasons, all of which amount to their continuous growth and end-goal.

First and foremost, charities are taking advantage of such channels to raise awareness about their causes. After all, individuals from all walks of life regularly spend time on these outlets or at least know of someone who is actively engaged. Simply put, every person is a potential new employee or volunteer for charitable organizations.

Additionally, charities are well-aware that social networks provide rich communication capabilities not only locally, but all across the world. This effectively allows organizations to connect with people that would normally be beyond their reach. This alone makes a powerful impact on the success of any given charity.

Aside from reaching people directly, social networks have made advocacy a lot stronger and more effective. As people become aware of an organization’s mission, they often share and spread the word with fellow friends and families who may also be interested in the subject matter at hand. More importantly, a charity’s overall reputation and credibility enhances through the combined power of social proof.

Regardless of a charity’s size or mission, social media can help existing and even past issues through the raise of awareness. A prime example is the now-defunct Asian Women’s Fund, which offered monetary compensation and emotional comfort to many Asian victims of sexual abuse during World War II.

It is evident that social networks have made a powerful impact on the way charities operate and communicate with people all over the world. Supporters are using these for the immediacy these outlets provide, and also as a way to stay in touch with the latest news regarding their own properties.