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3 Crucial Steps to Perform After Publishing Your Blog Post

You have just published your latest blog post with pride and joy, pleased that the world will happily absorb a piece of your knowledge. But what happens now? Whether your website is relatively new or already receives traffic, conducting these steps will result in additional viewers and higher engagement to your latest creation.

Send it to Email Subscribers

Your email subscribers signed up to your newsletter because they are hungry for your content – and yet, many bloggers neglect this step by sending only occasional tips and related offers. If you do not yet have an active newsletter, on the other hand, start building one by offering an enticing gift or a compelling reason for people to sign up – such as the convenience of receiving your latest blog posts straight to their inbox.

Share on Social Media

Social media means everything these days, as people spend countless hours absorbing and sharing content with friends and family through multiple channels. Luckily, each platform allows for specific blog types and different audiences, which means there’s no excuse to neglect sharing your latest content with the world. If you have a recipe blog, for example, how about posting pictures of your favorite dish on places like Pinterest? Analyze your blog post’s nature and take advantage of the most suitable network; after all, they are available and free for the taking.

Blogger Outreach

While reaching out to your readers provides additional traffic, connecting with other bloggers in your niche could make your content truly blow up. Networking with authoritative figures means building a long-lasting relationship with them; comment on their content, share it with your own audience and provide constructive feedback where necessary. They will acknowledge you, reciprocate and help you reach new heights through their own resources as a direct result.

There are many more ways to reach your target audience, of course, but these core strategies should be included each and every time you hit that ‘Publish’ button on your blog.