5 Sites to Read to Improve Your Personal Relationships

Your personal relationships are perhaps the most complicated and/or most important in your life. Different people have different ways of dealing with this topic, of course, but at some point or another, we all want to improve our personal relationships.

man island

As author Thomas Merton’s book says, No Man Is an Island. Even the most introverted person needs some sort of relationship – even with only one person.

That being said, personal relationships cover a lot of ground – from parents to sisters to cousins to friends to partners in life; all these are personal relationships. If you’re having some issues in this area, and you want to improve your personal relationships – especially your relationship with your spouse – before things go really wrong and you need the services of a Pasadena divorce lawyer, for example, here are 5 sites that will give you some tips.

1. Marc and Angel Hack Life

This web site is one of the many self-improvement sites out there, with a strong focus on long but simple-to-understand lists. The web site itself does not focus solely on personal relationships, but it does offer a massive amount of articles that are geared toward helping readers improve personal relationships.

Some examples are:

2. Lifehack

Another popular site, offers all sorts of “hacks” to make life better, personal relationships being an inherent part of that. As with the previous sites, it has a lot of sections, but their personal growth and relationships section offer practical advice.

Here are a few of my favorite articles:

3. SelfGrowth

One essential factor in improving your relationships is improving yourself, being happy on your own; and that is where comes into the picture. It has categories like Success Skills, Health, and Spirituality, all of which contribute to your overall well-being, which in turn help you improve your relationships.

Their relationship-centric articles are very specific and give a lot of insight. Here are some examples:

4. Science of Relationships

As the name of the web site says, the articles are about relationships, mostly backed up with data and analysis. I like this web site because it really is all about relationships and all the different types. Here are articles which will explain why this is an excellent site:

5. The Positivity Blog

A more generalized blog, The Positivity Blog is the brainchild of Henrik Edberg. The blog is basically what he has learned in life, and he’s sharing his positive – and negative – experiences to help others achieved what he has. It’s a good blog to start with improving yourself and then working on your relationships. What makes this blog stand out is that Henrik’s personal passion simply shines through.

Here are some examples of what he has to share that may help you:

Visit these web sites, and see which ones fit your needs best.