The Secrets to Captivating Social Media Content


In social media, engagement is key to a successful connection with followers. And you can only achieve this if you are regularly sharing quality content.

Social media content to be considered top quality goes beyond the manner it is written. It is all about imparting a strong message that people can learn from and use to enrich their lives on a daily basis. It has to be something valuable and captivating in order to gain a wider audience.

Aidan Cassidy, a city councilman in North Carolina and social media expert, shares tips on how to make your social media content rise above the noise. He pointed out that you need to know first where your target market hang out often and find out what they normally talk about. From here, you can create content that would encourage them to respond by sharing their views or giving feedback.

Updating Sites Regularly

Regularly updating your social media sites is essential. Do not limit your post to only one per day and on a single site only. Increasing your updates on various social networking sites gives you an advantage of being seen by your target audience. Ideally, you can post from five to 10 times each day on Twitter and up to four times on Facebook to get better engagement. The best times to post your messages are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Keep Your Posts Short yet Attention-Grabbing

Be creative when it comes to writing your status updates or posts. Go straight to the point and keep your messages short but one that will stick in the minds of your followers when they read them. North Carolina councilman Aidan Cassidy also strongly recommends including a link to your blog or website to encourage people to click through.

On Facebook, share information that will inspire and excite your followers. It has to be something useful but consider posting only a short teaser with a link to your blog post or article to encourage fans to click through.

On Twitter, keep your post within the 140-character limit but be sure to avoid abbreviations and all caps. Remember to shorten your URLs as well by using or

On LinkedIn, share informative and relevant messages. You can also engage with your audience by asking questions.

Interacting in Person

Some people prefer to use third party apps that allow them to auto-post their updates on various social media sites. But while this is a good option for busy people, it is still best to interact with your audience on a more personal level. This means engaging in real conversations with them to gain better results for your marketing and promotion efforts.

Find time then to respond to comments and feedback from your audience instead of doing it using other online tools. This will help you build relationships which can result in loyal customers moving forward.


Use Photos and Videos

A very important component of any social engagement today is the use of visual content. These include photos, videos, infographics and slideshare presentations. Practicing this strategy is considered a smart move and with the existence of Pinterest and Instagram, there’s more reason to utilize images in your social media posts whether you’re a private individual or a business owner.

As people are visual by nature, they are able to connect with images in an emotional manner compared to plain text. A review by noted that customers are more likely to make a buying decision when prompted with a photo. It added that using visual social media content to impart a strong message is the strategy that will make a huge impact compared to non-visual messages.

Compared to text content, images are more attractive and persuasive. Social marketers are using this technique nowadays and recent statistics show that visual content is indeed a powerful tool.

An infographic on the growth of the visual web by Jeff Bullas, a popular social media marketing blogger, strategist and a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer 2013, revealed that usage of Pinterest and Instagram grew in recent years. A 1,047 percent growth of unique visitors was noted in Pinterest from 2011 to 2012 while photos on Instagram get 1 billion lies per day. Additionally, Instagram currently hosts more than 16 billion photos.