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How to Make Sure Your Blog Revenue Goes Down

Blogging is mainly about writing content that your readers will find useful and valuable. Whether a post is about practical tips, or it is a thoughtful piece, the important thing is that any visitor to your blog finds it worth his while. Even better, you want that visitor to keep coming back.

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While there are bloggers who blog “just because” and don’t really care about whether they earn money or not, it cannot be denied that blog revenue is always welcome. There are many ways to make money blogging, and one of the main methods is via ads.

While you can have considerable blog revenue just by having an ad system, it requires one vital element: traffic. And lots of it.
If you do not have enough traffic, then your blog revenue from ads won’t amount to much. If you want your blog revenue to go down – or not increase – then make sure you do these things. Or just stop blogging for money at all.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. However, if blogging is one of your main sources of income, then you might, at some point, have to get in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer if you keep doing these things.

Post erratically, or don’t post at all.

The higher the volume of your posts, the higher the chances you get people to visit your blog. There is no specific number of posts you have to publish in a day or even a week, but the important thing is that you regularly publish fresh content. Else, why would people want to visit your blog? If you don’t post, or you post very rarely, then don’t count on your traffic to grow. It will more likely go down.

Have a high volume of sponsored posts with “bad” links.

Google is slamming the hammer down on bad linking habits, that is, sites linking to unrelated, low quality, or shady sites. This happens with guest posting and sponsored posts. While these two are not inherently “evil”, if that’s all you have in your blog, then you will likely be penalized and not get much traffic at all. The result? Decreasing blog revenue.

Slap ads all over the place.



Want to drive people away? Slap ads all over the place.

Oh, there an empty space here. Let’s put an ad block. Oh, there’s another empty space. Another ad will fit in there.

Make sure the ads overrun your content. That’s a sure fire way of putting your readers off.

Make sure your blog loads slower than a turtle.

Page loading times are also essential to keeping your visitors on page, as well as keep them coming back. If your pages load slowly, then your visitors will give up. Resize images so they’re optimized for the web. Make sure your plugins don’t bog down loading times.

Make it hard for users to navigate your blog.

Confuse your readers. Don’t make it easy for them to go back to the homepage. Make it difficult to find related posts. Just design your blog so that a visitor won’t know where the heck he is and where he can go next.

If you are not careful, and you do these things, then your blog revenue will certainly go down. You can count on that.