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Why Law Firms Should Have a Blog

Many law firms are joining the social media bandwagon today. Social media experts are seeing this as a positive development as it allows lawyers to reach out to their target audience in a more personalized manner. It enables them to establish themselves as so-called thought leaders in addition to their use of the traditional marketing methods.

Lawyers in the U.S. started using social media in 2012. This was when the Law Society issued a social media guidance for attorneys. The month of June in the same year saw the growing use of Twitter by legal counsels with an increase of 663 percent among people seeking recommendations on their social network.

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Apart from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs are considered the fastest and cheapest method of reaching out to clients and keeping abreast of the latest industry trends. And reports have noted that lawyers are taking advantage of these platforms not only to promote their law firms but also to gain advantage over their close competitors.

Greentarget, a communications consultancy firm, in its recent survey, showed that it’s the in-house attorneys who are recognizing the value of blogging. It added that these lawyers are utilizing social media to widen their professional networks and gather the information they need whether it be updates on the legal, business or industry sectors.

How to Get Started in Social Media and Blogging

To start blogging, lawyers and law firms are advised to be niche specific. This means focusing on their practice area and discussing topics relevant to your niche. It would also be ideal for lawyers working for a firm to write blog posts using their own name to establish their expertise. This, after all, will still benefit the law firm.

Criminal defense lawyer Daniel Perlman said attorneys can even share well known cases and other vital legal information that will educate people on the legal processes.

It is an advantage to share relevant news about the industry as well. Twitter is the most effective platform in sharing information in real time which allows lawyers to retweet relevant news from their fellow experts.

You may also search about what other people are saying about your law firm. Use Google or Twitter search to search for your brand name and if you find none, it’s about time to start promoting your law firm and your niche.

To complement your blogging efforts, it would also be helpful to start using other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t overwhelm yourself, though, by signing up on all the sites. Just start with one or two and make sure to regularly engage with your audience there. Additionally, you can check what your competitors are doing and find out what makes them successful.

Finally, plan the content you want to share on your blog. Make a list of topics you are comfortable writing about and then link your blog post to your social media sites so that whenever a post gets published, it is automatically shared on your social networks.