Best WordPress Plugins for 2014

As WordPress becomes the blogging platform of choice, a wealth of plugins has also been made available to its millions of users. These tools are very efficient in that they help webmasters, publishers and business owners get to know more about their audience, improve their SEO practices and find ways to drive traffic to their sites.

One of the best ways to ensure your site is fully functional and search engine friendly is to use plugins. Currently, there are almost 30,000 available plugins for WordPress alone including the WordPress video plugin which means there’s sure to be one that will fit your site’s needs.

For this year, here are some of the highly recommended WordPress plugins you can use as vouched by the experts on blogging and web design.



Akismet is actually not a new plugin but because of its usefulness, experts recommended its use to make sure your website or blog is free from spam comments. With this tool, you can check the spam comments in the admin panel of your site and remove them immediately.

Akismet filters comments that your site receives and stores those it detects as spam in the spam section. Be sure to check your site regularly to remove spam comments that have accumulated in the folder.

404 to Start

404-to-start plugin

You may have encountered a 404 error when you visited certain websites. But you can avoid this issue on your site by using the 404 to Start plugin for WordPress.

What this tool does is redirect any error page to the homepage of your site or to another URL that you specify. What will happen then is that a visitor who makes a mistake in typing your URL will no longer see a 404 page error message but will be redirected to another fully functioning page.

Also, a visitor who clicks a broken link will not see an error message but will be brought to the homepage or a specific page.

WordPress Related Posts


This plugin is very helpful to website visitors as it provides them a list of related posts at the end of every article. The titles are provided and they are clickable for the convenience of visitors who may want to read those additional posts related to what they just read on your blog.

This means that your visitors are given more interesting content to read and are further encouraged to stay longer on the site.

A quick reminder when using plugins. Do keep in mind to update them as time goes by. WordPress will notify you on the admin panel when an updated version is available.