5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business

Whether you have a business that’s just getting off the ground or your company is well established and has been around for a few years, there are always ways that technology can help to improve the way your firm runs, increase the amount of clients that come in, and save a little money in the process.

Here are some ways to use technology in your business, if you don’t use them already.

Get and update a website

One way to get your business noticed is to get a website for the business so that customers can easily find out where you are located, a phone number to contact you, the hours that you are available or what products and services you offer. A website can make a good first impression for the business, but make sure that it is regularly updated so that your customers get the most recent information. Adding specials or coupons will keep old and new customers visiting the site and your business.

Social Media Involvement

On top of utilizing a website for customers that are searching for you, adding your business to social media outlets can help with obtaining new customers, and having them spread the word about you. Linking your website to these social media sites can get traffic to both pages. A Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instragram, can get clients to follow the business and notify others to do so either because their friends do, the content is something they would be interested in, or because of special offers that may only be available online.

Work From Home

Technology can help the employees, by giving them an option to work from home. Providing network access or a laptop that can be brought home can allow employees to work while traveling for business, work from home on specific days of the week (if the company is willing to offer that), or to still get work accomplished, even if the main building is closed due to weather conditions. Though, this may be an upfront cost, for providing laptops, it can result in getting more work done, and easing the mind of employees who may drive far into work.

Streamlining Processes

Technology can not only help get the businesses name out and get more customers in, but it can also help internal functions of the business that can aid with streamlining processes and, in turn, saving the company money.

A way to streamline can be cross training employees in different departments on the majority of the softwares that are used internally. This can be greatly beneficial in a small business or one just starting out in order to cover for absences in departments and to keep from having to hire new employees for these skills if it’s not in the budget at the time.

Utilizing systems that incorporate more than one task into them can also save time and money. This can be as simple as using Google processes to create calendars, events, phone calls, and meetings to invite the appropriate parties. The system can incorporate all of your personal and business information so that schedules do not conflict.

Payroll System

Updating the company’s payroll software can help in the streamlining process as well, and cut back on some of the confusion of old ways to manage payroll and all the new ways to pay your employees. A newer payroll software can make paying employees easier, cheaper, and reduces the amount of unneeded paper that is used when payroll is done by hand. A payroll software can also save time for those who have to verify the documents, and those that are paying out the funds.