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How To Locate the Best Quality Web Graphics

Developers and designers from around the world are constantly sharing their works online. You can find a whole bunch of PSDs released 5-10 years ago which are still available to visitors. It is magnificent to see how large the Internet has grown in recent years. This means there are only more tools available for locating high-quality website graphics.

I want to share some insight towards embedding graphics in your layouts. More specifically how you may go about locating HQ graphics throughout the web. I know many designers have their own ideas and you should incorporate those as well! No single method is going to be 100% reliable, it depends on the project and the designer’s influence.

Pretty Pages

We all know how to spot a good website design compared to a bad one. But how about page content, typography, and user interfaces? These components are much smaller and more in-depth. It can be very difficult comparing one website to another but general principles of good webpage design always hold true.

One technique for prettying up your page is through stock photography. The largest online marketplace Depositphotos is an excellent place to start. You can browse by keyword or recent submissions to locate the right graphic for your article or webpage. Similarly the company has a lucrative offer for bloggers where you can get a free trial subscription! This allows webmasters quick access for testing their graphics library and seeing what Depositphotos has in their collection.

bloggers depositphotos website trial subscription

Another technique is to place screenshots for similar websites in-between paragraphs. This will help to split up the text and breaks focus when users are skimming your pages. Screenshots are not the easiest solution when you can’t directly connect to other websites online. That is one reason why stock photography has grown in popularity – but the final choice is always yours to make.

Reverse Image Search

When you find something on Pinterest or Tumblr it may not have a link to the original source. This can be infuriating when you know there must be a higher resolution somewhere else online! But do not worry, 21st century website technology allows reverse image searching with TinEye.

This has to be one of my favorite websites for locating images found elsewhere online. You can either upload an image from your hard drive or copy/paste the direct image URL. Then TinEye handles some backend search algorithms and picks through all the known pages that it can crawl. This will take a little while but the results are often phenomenal.

TinEye reverse image search homepage 2013 screens

For icons I think most designers would agree to check Icon Finder. The site has been up online for years and I always go there whenever I’m looking for a few select icon choices. All of the items have been released as freebies and they are categorized with the original author name and open source license. Plus Icon Finder has the widest selection compared to other alternatives.

icon finder homepage 2013 screenshot web design freebies


I do hope a few of these resources will prove useful to inquiring digital artists. Web designers are growing in size and it is great to see the community working together in the name of open source. Plus the advancement of CMS engines allows webmasters to launch sites quicker than ever before. If you have similar ideas or suggestions on locating good website graphics you can share with us in the post discussion area.