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The 9Rules Network Best Content Of The Week, January 17 – 24

This week is the Chinese New Year. Time to assess and take stock of your life and make changes for the positive. These are some of the best content that we have encountered in the 9Rules network.

The Artist’s Drug of Choice

Art is a curative. Art is strengthening. Art is what taught me that I am an artist. Art is what keeps me healthy. If I’m not getting my fix, everything else will suffer. I need it.

I know I’ve featured Jessica Doyle’s blog last week, but her recent blog post on the artist’s struggle with personal demons is quite compelling and strikes a chord with any person who has to go through the same things in the pursuit of true creativity. Doyle’s positive take on art as a form of positive addiction is a great affirmation of what art can do to artist and not just the people who see the final work.

Starting a Freelance Business in 2012: Planning Ahead

If money isn’t an issue, you don’t really have a problem. Bust most of us need some sort of an income to pay our mortgage, put gas in our cars, and buy groceries. And as a new freelancer, steady income probably isn’t going to happen right away. Build up your savings with enough money to keep you afloat for at least 6 to 8 months.

It’s 2012 and two New Years have passed (the western and the Chinese New Year), time to take stock of your life and probably start a freelance business. You can’t have enough money, right?

Steamed Dumplings

I love making dumplings (jiao zi/??). Not only are they delicious, they are fun to make, especially the wrapping part. You can gather your friends and loved ones to wrap the dumplings together for some special bonding time. These dumplings are steamed using the traditional dim sum style bamboo steamer, but if you don’t have one you can just steam them on a plate. During Chinese New Year, dumplings are a symbol of prosperity and wealth as they resemble ingots or little money purses.

January 23 was the Chinese New Year, you can start off the Year of Dragon by preparing some scrumptious Steamed Dumplings. It’s not as hard as it looks once you begin making it and you’ll get definite nods of approval from family and friends when you serve the dumplings and tell them you made them by yourself.

Unwind With The Ritual Of Tea

Why not slow down, unwind and digest your day by sipping tea peacefully with two teaspoons of mindfulness.  Allow each mouthful to dissolve your worries, each swallow to deepen your breath and each pause before the next sip, to relax your body.  Tea has the power to do that.

It’s no joke, sipping a hot cup of tea can really relax you. It’s assurance in a cup. When you’re feeling stressed or out of sorts, a hot cup of your favorite tea can sort you out.