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7 Minutes in Heaven: JJ Abrams Answered Questions on Quora for 7 Minutes

Because of its specific format, Quora provided an opportunity unlike Twitter, Facebook, or other social media outlets for fans to engage with Super 8.

I must admit I have never tried out Quora. So far plain old Google and Wikipedia does the job for me. It might be time though to get an account and check it out if I want to keep up with trends.

Since It Can’t All Be About Books

A good example of throwing in a personal post now and then.

The BlogLily Summer Reading Program

The boomerang is the perfect symbol for what happens when you become an enthusiastic reader. You read that book and your first reaction is almost always to tell someone else about it. And before you know it, they’re telling you about the book they just read that you’ll like too. That’s about the path of a boomerang, isn’t it?

Since I could read and all the way through highschool I went regularly to the library, to lend books and to study. I must say I miss it, the public library here is very sterile and uninviting. Good libraries are a dying species.

Notable  – Content Marketing Singapore

According to an article in TechinAsia last year content marketing still has not reached its full potential with many businesses not understanding how to use content to reach new audiences. The author, Carmello Hannity says that there is a strong opportunity for brands in the region to focus on content which speaks to the traditional values of Asian audiences. have recently launched their own content marketing services for both SMEs and large brands in Singapore and the SE Asia region.

Optimal Taco Ingredient Stacking

The unexpected bonus is that the melted cheese forms a laminating layer over the brittle corn shell, increasing its shatter resistance by an order of magnitude. The result: a hard taco that not only holds onto its ingredients, but also is easier to eat because it doesn’t explode in your hand.

I am amazed at Dave’s dedication to get the best way to stack a taco. Never mind my addiction to MSG in the flavor. I get so frustrated with the shells breaking that I just use a soft tortilla which doesn’t taste the same. Dave’s post is a fine example on why I love weblogs, not even in a food magazine you’ll come across such a handy and detailed tip.