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Noteworthy Content of the Week finally announced one of its most poorly kept secrets – an Android tablet. The Kindle Fire has lived up to its name as it is poised to fire up the already tough competition within the tablet market with a $199 tablet.

Our Kindle Fire impressions and why Amazon is destined to dominate

Much like the original Kindle was designed expressly for reading books, the Kindle Fire is designed expressly to consume other types of media (and a few books too, if that’s what you’re into). Much like the Kindle leveraged Amazon’s extensive e-book catalog to sell books, the Kindle Fire is for those who want a simple device that will let them purchase and enjoy colorful things like magazines, music, video, websites, and some games and apps as well, all of which are sold by Amazon. If you want to read a book or document, you can do that too, much like you can try to browse the Web on the original Kindle. It’s not necessarily designed for reading books, but Amazon is generous with its services.

How to Troubleshoot a Hackintosh

Troubleshooting a hackintosh generally involves a lot of trial and error, many surprises, and plenty of frustration. This guide seeks to take away a little of that frustration by helping you 1) deal with some common issues, 2) figure out issues not discussed here, 3) find people to help you out when you’re stuck.

The Hackintosh is that magical hybrid of geekiness and practicality. It’s enjoying the Apple environment on a budget. But a Hackintosh does not have the stability of the genuine Mac environment, which makes it a bitch to troubleshoot sometimes. This is a great guide for troubleshooting one.

Nerf’s new Vortex blasters: who needs darts when you’re shooting discs?

Remember when Nerf blasters were simple, toy-like affairs? Times have changed, and now we have heavy, belt-fed, battery-chugging monstrosities that appeal to cubicle warriors as much as to children. Our house has a long history of Nerf wars using each new generation of guns, so when I heard that Nerf was releasing an entirely new line of blasters with discs instead of darts, I was both excited and a little hesitant. Would it really be fun to shoot my children and pets with tiny frisbee-style projectiles?

The Nerf guns are one of the hottest toys around not just because kids love them, but also (and probably, more importantly) the dads love them more. You can now add the Nerf Vortex blasters to your growing Nerf gun collection.

The cute ‘n’ kooky world of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Japan’s newest pop idol

“I’m interested in exaggerating things,” explains Kyary. “I’ll be trying on wigs and I’ll get interested in seeing what it would look like if I just put them all on at once. Or rather than just having one teddy bear, why not have me completely immersed in hundreds of them?”

Pop culture travels at hyperspeeds in Japan. And a pop star like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a perfect example of how differently stars are look and are packaged in Japan – that is, except for Lady Gaga, who fits perfectly in Japanese pop culture.