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Not a e-book worm

It shows that while women make up 66% of e-book “power buyers,” in 2009, they were just 49% of e-book customers. The “power buyers,” meanwhile, make up about 18% of the total people buying e-books today but buy a stunning 61% of all e-books purchased.

It’s fascinating how since the release of the Kindle, e-books have become mainstream. I do feel sad about bookshops that have/may have to close due to less sales. Where I live the best CD shop, meaning they had a lot of niche and hard to find music, have closed their doors since iPod and iTunes. The few LP shops have also gone out of business. Even though I own a Kindle I take proud in my bookcase and will continue to buy hard copy,

Why you should enter writing competitions and submit your work to magazines

Scribbling alone in your room is all good and well, but it’s important to pop your head round the door every now and again and say hello to the rest of the writing world.

It might also me good to cultivate a thick skin. On the other hand, just publishing your writing on a weblog and allowing comments will do that.

Fear of death

– she’s alive, and we can’t focus on anything but being alive, because there simply isn’t anything else.

A reminder in an era where we barely take a minute to slow down from working, buying and stressing mostly.

Movie Review: J.J. Abrams’ Super 8

Abram’s Super 8 pays homage most to Spielberg’s 1980?s classics in its last act. Here it is most emotionally gripping and brings into the morality of humanity and our appreciation of life, much like Spielberg did with his classic E.T.

I read from others that Super 8 is this era “The Goonies”. I can’t wait to see it, it will be out in August here in the Netherlands. I always loved movies like “The Goonies”, “Stand By Me” and “The Sandlot”.

Money Doesn’t A Geek Make

These days, almost every tech related issue seems to have the question “How much would it cost to solve this problem?”. That’s a far cry from the original “Where can I find the best hack to make this work?” that I used to have.

My first website was on Lycos I think? I remember I used a Javascript to hide the banner ads. I had a computer I built myself, even added custom led lights to it. Being a student back then I tried to do everything the cheapest way possible instead of just walking in a computer shop to buy a quick fix.