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This week is focused on personal posts, a ‘dying art’. These bloggers write about personal topics on a high non MySpace level. “Slow Days” is a beautiful prose, which I consider a personal post. You can put the personal in any kind of post, it’s the difference between a cold commercial weblog or a weblog with actual social interaction.

Yesterday I read a post on a weblog I follow on how the author just moved. He narrates in a fun way about the perils of moving. I could instantly identify with him just having moved myself. I ended up sending him a mail sharing my own experience. That’s what I like most about weblogs, the sharing and social contact.

A lot of time a tweet is just not enough. Lots of webloggers turn to Twitter telling themselves they have nothing good to write about on the weblog. Your faithful readers rather read two paragraphs of what you have to say instead of nothing at all. There is a lot of irrational pressure on producing posts of high standards. Weblog is free form writing, there is no rule you have to write a minimum of 500 words and have excellent grammar. As long as you put excitement and/or passion in what you have to say. A pro baseball player doesn’t hit home-runs all the time either.

My favorite music year: 1997

So while Puff Daddy made millions on Notorious B.I.G.’s death, I rocked out as some of emo’s most important albums were released: […]

Slow Days

It rains. Starts slowly with a pitter, then a patter, then the sky breaks open, empties itself on us. We are too soaked to run so we walk. We skip, we hop, we dance around each other, we laugh, our voices like thunder.

How to Trick a Girl into Watching a Superhero Movie

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already begun thinking about how you can possibly trick convince the girl (or guy) in your life to see one all of these with you.

The Great Push

I’m talking about the process of figuring out how to use all my skills and interests in the manner that brings me personal satisfaction. What is it that I can ultimately become? That is a unique challenge, and I suspect it isn’t all that common.