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Two more buttons have joined the uncountable number of available social buttons. Google +1 and Twitter’s “Follow”. Personally I’m not a fan of sites filled with buttons to share content. You should analyze really well which ones benefits you more. Try to keep the buttons to a maximum of five.

How to Add Google +1 Button to Your Site

Google has just released the Google +1 button which webmasters can add to their site / blog and enable visitors to give a recommendation to Google and your friends about your site.

Twitter’s New Button Keeps Followers on Your Site

Twitter’s new “Follow” button allows fans to follow you without ever leaving your website. It’s one click (as long as they’re currently logged in to Twitter) and you’re done.

50 Things You Won’t Say On Your Death Bed

I always remind people who work too hard that no one on their dead bed ever said, “I wish I worked more”.

I’m proud of all those late night e-mails I sent out to co-workers proving I was still working
That cosmetic surgery was the best thing I ever did
How much money is in my bank account?
I’d rather be alone if you don’t mind

Amazon’s Book Publishing Plans Brings Hope to Independent Writers

Sources close to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are indicating the company may be about to launch its own book publishing house. The news comes a week after the company announced that its retail bookselling division is now selling more Kindle Books than eBooks.

I don’t know if I should be happy about this or not. I have a Kindle, but I still like hardcopy books and competition on the publishing market. You know the story about how every major publishing house rejected J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter manuscript. It was only Bloomsbury who saw the great potential. My point is, Amazon can start publishing as long as they don’t aim to clear out competition.

Beginning Summer

But here I was at this conference and I was hearing people espouse my pet theories as fact. Many of them had had the resources to do actual studies or tests to back up these theories. And even whilst I learned from them … I mostly learned that I needed to trust myself more and I needed to really start acting on my ideas. It was definitely a confidence booster.

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