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Hiroyuki Asada Illustrations Water

Water starts out with a few original works before moving into illustrations from the manga series I’ll. The illustrations from I’ll range from 2001 through 2004, though because Hiroyuki Asada was such a season artist (even at that point) there isn’t a noticeable quality difference.

A fine example on how a good review is done. Even though I know nothing about manga, I found myself fascinated while reading this.

4 Things I Learned as a Grocery Bag Boy

It actually wasn’t. Looking back on all the jobs I had, it was definitely one of my least favorite. However, this is the one job that had the greatest impact on my life. There are just some things you can’t learn working white collar jobs.

It’s always the things that are hard or we don’t like that teaches us stuff about life and molds us in the person we currently are.

Grow Your Own Fresh Air With 3 Indoor Plants

Researcher Kamal Meattle gives a fabulous talk on Ted TV. The topic “How to grow fresh air in your home”. His 15 years of research amazingly reveals that all you need is 3 common indoor plants.

I know there are plants that clean the air inside your home. But this easy broken down post makes it easier to pick a plant. I already own one not listed that makes oxygen. I especially like the plant that removes toxins, I will definitely get one.

How Do I Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination is a human condition that Life Coaches, and even more shockingly, Productivity Coaches, suffer from.

Before reading this post I already said to myself, procrastination is unavoidable. I think if we didn’t procrastinate at all, we’d succumb to stress. A lot of people perform better under a looming deadline instead of working way ahead.

5 Reasons to Drink Coffee

My love of coffee was one of the primary motivators to apply for a job at Starbucks while in college; free, all-you-can drink coffee during my shift was enough stimulation for me to sign on as a barista for a few years.

I’m caffeine sensitive, so I drink everything decaf. That doesn’t take away the relaxing ritual of sitting in a nice cafe drinking a hot cappuccino or latte while reading, people watching or sharing a conversation.