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Explaining why I’m an illiterati

Maybe I’m a simpleton but isn’t it possible that sometimes an author is just telling a story? After all, we’ve all told ghost stories or tall tales that had no symbolism or meaning other than trying to scare or entertain. Of course, maybe the fact a book requires searching for symbolism and nuances is what differentiates “literature” or “literary” fiction from just plain novels.

Back in highschool when I had to read about 15 books for each language class, I started wondering if authors really did mean all those symbolism. Did the fact that the protagonist painted his walls yellow mean that he was empathic, or did the protagonist painted his wall yellow because he likes yellow?

A Perpetual Cheer Up: Hyped Social Network Is About Sharing What Makes You Happy

The Happiest blog states that the social media site is “nurtured by love and coffee”—and if you’re a coffee enthusiast like me, you get it. As one of the initial Happiest blog posts explains, life is about small pleasures, like a great cup of coffee in the morning: “There’s something magical about a hot cuppa that just makes your day that bit happier.”

It’s what I live for and try to pass on. Enjoy the small things of everyday; the warmth from the first sunny spring day, a delicious sandwich, that fun TV show that always makes you laugh, etc. Life is about small things not only big ones.

Julia Donaldson on being a bestseller and push, push, pushing

Not many writers make their living solely from writing, but she is one. Julia very kindly answered six questions for Write for your Life on life after Grub Street.

Great insight into an author who managed to write so many books and be successful at it.

Do You Fall Into the Trap of Overthinking

When I find myself thinking in circles, I find an area of refuge, say, or I re-read one of my favorite works of children’s literature — my favorite emotional comfort food. Or, if it’s nighttime, I go to bed early.

Overthinking can stop you from doing lots of things you should be doing. Sometimes it’s good to just go with your guts or instincts, instead of thinking things over and over again.