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What I’ve Been Reading: The Elements of Content Strategy

This book is dense. It took me two hours to read. It’s packed with “HOW.” Enough “HOW” that it really will get a special spot next to my computer, much like how Strunk and White used to sit just within my reach.

My copy is still in its plastic, need to read it soon, I keep coming across great reviews.

Find Free eBooks and Price Drops for Amazon Kindle

This is an excellent way to find reading material for your Kindle

If your credit card bill has grown a lot since owning a Kindle, this might help.

Not Enough Time? How to Stop The Illusion

While you cannot control everything in this world you definitely can control your time and how you spend it. Enjoy it. Treasure it. Spend it on what really matters and be happy.

I always keep telling myself that time is relative, time doesn’t exist. Doesn’t help much.

Why I’m Using a Facebook Ad Campaign To Find Myself A Date

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just use Match, eHarmony or some other dating site?

So far this week this is the most offbeat entry I have read. I never thought people might use Facebook ads this way. Which on after thought is not so difference than placing an add in the newspaper, like people did before the digital era.

Amazon to Offer Ad-Supported Kindle at Discounted Price

I have a Kindle. I’ve been loyal to my Kindle even in the face of e-readers with color and iPads that sing and dance. But this new Kindle with Special Offers makes Amazon look cheap.

This reminds me of desktop computers 12 years ago that came full of commercial apps. If I didn’t own a Kindle already I would still buy the ad free one.