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As mentioned last week, this week I’m listing exemplary about pages from weblogs in the 9rules feed. While going through the weblogs I noticed that some put up the date on which the about information was updated. I have mixed opinions about that. On one hand you know how old the information is, on the other if it was last updated four years ago, you wonder if everything still applies, like current job, hobbies, etc. But if the weblog is regularly updated, I guess it is a minor issue when the last update on the about page was.

From these pages below you can see that most of them list their name, city of residence, current job, family and other various information. After reading about the writer and then reading the posts, you get a feeling of actually getting to know someone. For me this is one of the beauty’s of weblogs.

Coffee & Conversation


ivman’s blague


Art and Musings by Jessica Doyle

e*star LA

Word Grrls

Manga Maniac Cafe

Cook Local

Even Tumblr had to recognize the need to have a page option, which many users use for their personal information.

To give your readers a sense of familiarity, go over your about page once in a while to see if anything needs to be added or removed. In my own case I at least update my age every year and add a recent photo of myself.

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