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I keep noticing weblogs that miss a good ‘about’ page. I can’t stand reading entries and not be able to have an image in my head of the person who wrote it. It’s the same as explained in this entry, Do Personal Tweets Make You More Credible?.

There has been weblogs that I have read many times without even knowing if the writer is male or female due that their name could be both. Other times I have to really dig in the archives, take a good browse through their Flickr stream to get an idea who the writer is.

Next week I will post an entry with a list of ‘about’ pages that are well done and give a good picture of the writer. I will select these pages from weblogs in the 9rules feed.

This weeks entries:

How Publishers Can Embrace Multiple Platforms

As Damon Kiesow of Poynter Institute points out in this helpful blog post, using the open web and HTML5 can help publishers maintain their independence from dominant players like Apple and Google.

To Diana

I realize – in the wake of your passing – that I loved your books more fiercely than I did any other writer; if Stephanie Mayer or Rowling died I wouldn’t have felt as terrible as when Gaiman reported your death.

A letter to a beloved writer who passed away, a must read!

45 More Tips For Writers, From Writers

The tips offered below for writers, from writers, are to be taken with a grain of salt. Take those that you like, and throw the rest out the window.

Out from Killarney (photo)

This photo is so peaceful, it makes one want to be there.

Do Personal Tweets Make You More Credible?

The caveat here is, of course, that you don’t go too far. Your followers might enjoy hearing about the party you attended last night, but they don’t want to hear about the consequences of one margarita, too many.