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“Cogito Ergo Sum” i.e. I blog, therefore I am

If you thought you’d be an instant hit and a blogger’s award will be named after you, then you need to get real and know that you are no dude. Don’t let the few number of readers dampen your spirits; most good blogs start with less, and gain momentum.

This entry by Deeptaman Mukherjee is an interesting read if you want to start a weblog or already have one. One of the things he mentions is researching the market before starting your weblog. A good advice, especially if you want to turn your weblog into a profit.

Save The Date | Week In The Life 2011

This year I’ve decided to document a week in our lives during the summer. Why? A look at what our lives look like in the summer months will be a really nice way to round out my Week In The Life album collections.

I have done this once but with photos instead of text. A good way to get creative and the writing juices flowing.

7 Dazzling Ways to Ignite Your Creative Spark

How many times have you had the spark of a great idea, but you’ve neglected to follow through on it because you told yourself that if it were a good idea, someone else would already have thought of it? Stop assuming that all the great ideas are already taken. If you think you see a good idea, bend down, pick it up, and run with it.

A insightful entry on how to get your creativity flowing.

Chiang Mai Old City & the Magnificent Tha Phae Gate

Wherever you are in Chiang Mai, it is as though all major roads lead to the Old City! Armed with a map, it is easy to navigate around. Taking a walk along Tha Phae Road, we spot several interesting buildings that we use as landmarks.

Travel reports always leave you wanting to catch the first plane to an exotic location. While the Lonely Planet book is very detailed a weblog entry can be more personal, with the added bonus of interaction with the writer and other readers. This way readers can get tips and pointers about the travel destination that you won’t find in travel books.

The Cleaning Book

The Cleaning Book was a large 2″ or 3″ binder. It was filled with thick sheet protectors – the slots were perhaps 1.5″ high by maybe 3″ across. Each of these slots had a notecard which had been cut down to size. A single chore was written on each one and they were colour-coded with a highlighter.

This entry is a story rather than fact telling, I was reading, intrigued to where it was leading to only to say “what?” at the end. But besides that it is well written for a short story.

Braised Chicken with Carrots and Mushrooms

This is a simple recipe for braised chicken which can be whipped up in 15 minutes flat making it perfect for busy nights.

Food weblogs are the best. We all have to eat and most people are passionate about what they eat. Since discovering the world of food weblogs I’m cooking dinner more then ever. Even when feeling lazy and in no mood, I’ll find an easy recipe that puts a nice dinner on the table within 30 minutes.