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Date a girl who blogs

Date a girl who blogs because she will find interestingness in the most uninteresting of things. You deserve to be interesting and that this life you live, though monotonous in its day to day is the perfect testament to why she loves you.

A very nice post by Jayvee, like a modern day romance fairy.

I Was Wrong About The Kindle

With speculation of a free Kindle to be released later this year, it’s now rather clear as to why the Kindle is built the way it is – cheap and plasticky, with a user interface that kind of sucks. It doesn’t need to be amazing. It just needs to be good enough for book nerds – like me – who’re sick of lugging heavy paperbacks around.

For a device that is not sold in stores outside the U.S. and costs a considerable amount in shipping, I have seen people carrying a Kindle several times in trams and trains here in the Netherlands. The only con the Kindle has for me is, when reading in public, no one knows what book I’m reading. How can I impress if they can’t see I’m reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabrial Garcia Márquez, in Spanish?

Novelr Hacked; Back Up Now

For those of you out there with WordPress installations of your own, I’d recommend you install this, this and this plugin, and follow some of the guidelines in this document.

Even though WordPress consistently releases security updates, it is imperative that you take extra measures to avoid being hacked and/or losing all your data.

Did You Stop Caring About Privacy Once You Joined Facebook?

So if you find the more you poke, tweet, Google and ‘check-in,’ the less you care about online privacy, consider yourself in the majority.

There are several categories of people here; ones that consciously share private information, ones that have their accounts highly protected and ones that just barely know how to use the computer and think Google is the internet. With the consequence that they are not aware that their lives is an open book to the world.