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This week I want to point you guys to this Guardian article: HarperCollins’ attempt to ensure ebooks in libraries can only be loaned out 26 times is indefensible

Digital content is nothing new, but thanks to e-readers all publishers have gotten even bigger dollar signs in their eyes. As someone who loves the written word, from the cheap paperback fiction story to weblogs to good literature, I’m starting to despise publishers.

It’s clear that publishers are trying every argument in the book to charge more for e-books. As a geek I find them laughable. I joined internet just in time to see digital music piracy rise to such levels, forcing music labels to adjust their digital prices. They can thank Apple and Steve Jobs to show them the light(iPod/iTunes).

The popularity of e-readers has started discussions about pricing, DRM’s, self-publishing, indie publishers, etc. It’s all uncharted waters with people having great successes or great losses.

We are in the middle of an era where content and it’s value is being redefined.

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Does Our Twitter Obsession Make Us Poets or Delusional Narcissists?

Our social preoccupation with Twitter suggests two things. On the one hand, it seems we’re a bunch of self-obsessed schizophrenics. We’re so into ourselves that we think the world cares to know what we’re doing at any given point of the day. What’s more, if tweeting is our method of speaking with one another, it seems our social conversations have given up narrative and structure and our discourses have abandoned any points of reference.

Totally Off Topic: Bloggin’ in the ER

So here I am, blogging on my Macbook Air as hubby is flipping through about 18 whole cable channels. When we first got in the little room, Fox News was on the TV and we were both like, “Oh hell no!” We should be hearing something soon as the X-rays have already been taken.

The Isaac Asimov secret to elegant conflict resolution

That summer’s institute invited the group of us to answer one question with our best thinking: Imagine that we’ve made contact with extraterrestrial life…how should the public be told? While my 16-year-old self didn’t realize it at the time, that memorable week watching, learning from, and talking with these brilliant thinkers was the first step I took in what ultimately became my career in conflict resolution.

5 Easy Ways to Alienate People and Screw-up your Life with your Smartphone

Every tick, bing and whir from your electronic life mate is worth your undivided attention; your family, friends and colleagues will be there forever but your smartphone has a shelf life.

Imaging the Musical Brain

Recent brain imaging studies indicate that dopamine-rich areas of the brain become activated when people listen to music or during learning when food and money are presented as rewards.

European e-Privacy Directive Could Make Sites Toss Their Cookies

[…] the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is putting together laws that will require sites to let users opt in so that the site can use cookies to track them.