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Writing a unique post on your weblog is a mayor task. There are too many to count weblogs about tech, marketing, blogging, etc. Unless you write about your own ideas and opinion on the subject, you’ll just be another voice preaching to the choir.

It hits me every time when I browse multiple weblogs in a day. For example, yesterday iPad 2 was officially presented. Many tech and non-tech websites wrote about the iPad 2, most of them did so to not be left out. The trick is to know which weblog has an insightful opinion on the newly released iPad 2.

I’m always looking for weblogs and writers that/who don’t just repeat the news and facts but actually have something meaningful to say about it. They are not afraid to have a different opinion than the rest or to mention personal bits related to what they are writing about.

I know, I always keep coming back on the personal aspect. But the web is so saturated with content that I want content that has personality.

This week picked entries

The things we love are going to die: thoughts on the death of a web property

Someday, one of those sites you check EVERY DAY will go away, because not everyone loves it as much as you, and that includes the people in charge of it, and oh, man, if you only you could learn the skills necessary to SAVE IT you’d be fine.

Goodbye, little buddy

Before I set­tled on Leonard, I was call­ing him “lit­tle buddy”, and that kind of stuck. I’d always say, “Hey lit­tle buddy”, when I saw him. His head would perk up, and he’d chirp and get up to nuz­zle me.

Hacked by Google

I understand that keeping idiots away from badness is somebody’s job, but Google has no right to essentially hijack any page it wants with an ominous “this is an attack site, get me out of here” message. That’s my personal property you’re hacking, and Google has no right to interfere with anybody’s anything at all.