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By now most webloggers are aware of AOL acquiring a couple of prominent weblogs, such as Engadget, The Hufftington Post and TechCrunch. Now it’s becoming clear and to no surprise of many that AOL’s is only focused on profit and not good content.

After the acquisition of Engadget and when it became clear what AOL’s business strategy is, Engadgets editors, Paul Miller and Ross Miller quit.

Profit is essential in every line of business, it’s what puts food on the table at the end of the day. But quality is key to any business, that is, if you are proud of your work.

People read your weblog because they like your content and they like how you present them that content. If your are going to link to other websites, users trust you that it is useful and not a waste of their time. Weblogs that have a good balance between content, ads, and using SEO keywords are becoming rare. Currently high profile weblogs, that obviously are doing it right, are hot commodities being bought by profit driven giants like AOL. That is bad news for the blogosphere.

If you are or are planning to make profit form your weblog, don’t lose content out of the eye and show your users you actually care about it and not just the profit from ads. Make AOL an example on how NOT to run a profit driven weblog.

Rounding up, this week noteworthy entries, well written and from a personal point of view.

Five Tips for Successfully Dating a Blogger

You don’t have to dive into the deep end of the blogosphere to survive live happily together but, immersing yourself just a little bit will go a long way.

Father Knows Best When He’s Got It Good

Sometimes I feel like I live in a sitcom. I grew up wanting to be a Father Knows Best sort of dad but I’ve ended up more of a Modern Family type of patriarch. That is, I was far from the benevolent CEO of my family. Instead, I’d turned into a quirky guy who’s happy to be surrounded by his quirky outside-the-box kids.

If GM Merged with Microsoft

GM doesn’t have a “help line” for people who don’t know how to drive, because people don’t buy cars like they buy computers. But if the two companies merged, here are some examples of what calls to GM’s HelpLine might sound like […]

On productivity

In the morning, early, when all that’s heard is the hum of fans and the occasional vehicle moving over wet cement, I am at my most productive. I’m in the office, and I’m the only one there. It’s 5 am, sure. And 5 am is usually pretty stupid. But it’s also the one chance I get to pack in two or three hours I didn’t have before. I drink some coffee. I cancel out that fan hum with some radio. I hammer out some weird deliverable that, ten years ago, I never knew even existed.

8 Tips for Dealing Calmly with Criticism. Which I Find Very, Very Challenging.

With my writing, for example, I always have to take a deep breath before reading an edit letter or meeting with an editor, to remind myself, “I welcome criticism. This person is helping me. I want to hear how to improve my book/article/post.”