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Cheating on Paper

You cheat on paper so many times and in so many places you lose track. You feel like you’re in your thirties again, reading books people are actually talking about, books that just came out: The Warmth of a Thousand Suns, the Imperfectionists, that new Cleopatra biography, the one of Montaigne. You read the Room, and Pictures of You, half of Freedom (because it is not as good as you’d hoped), Brooklyn, Keith Richards’ Life, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, half of The Finkler Question half of Cutting for Stone (there will be time for it later, and while it sits around waiting for your return, it does not wrinkle, the way the book would, the way Tinkers, just for example, which you bought pre-Kindle, read half of, set aside, and spilled tea on, would.)

Cleverly written and dead on, this entry describes exactly my experience with the Amazon Kindle. I have been reading like crazy since I bought it. I do miss paper books though, so I still buy web and cookbooks in paper. Can’t stop the future, want it or not, e-readers are here to stay.

My Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Unboxing [Photos]

Check out the unboxing photos of my new Kindle Lighted leather cover.

Nothing to get you to buy something then un-boxing photos. Un-boxing photos from actual consumers instead of the marketing departments entice buyers much more. You get an actual view and ‘feel’ of the product, leaving you wanting to get one right away.

50 Reasons Why I Suck

Wow, I really do suck, don’t I? I really could get down on myself if I contemplated that little lot for too long.

Fortunately for me though, I don’t.

I know that every single person on this planets sucks in multiple areas of their life, and you are no different.

Good advice. When having a bad day or feeling insecure we often forget that everyone else has these days. We all have our weakness and strengths. Tim approaches this entry from a personal level, making you identify better with the issue.

Google is not your doctor

Google only knows what you think you have, and even then, it conflates that with things that your loved ones have, things you think your loved ones have, things you think your favourite celebrities have, and things that the characters in the novel that you’re trying to write think they have.

One hundred percent true. Do not ever Google for health issues. I remember when the H1N1 outbreak was ongoing and I googled info on vacine side effects, etc. It turned up all kind of crazy ‘facts’. If you must look something as sensitive as health up, just visit your doctor or hit the library, for the books not the internet there.