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Noteworthy Content of the Week

This week three personal posts and one on writing, which is the corner stone of every weblog. The art of personal posts is dying. Remember when weblogs started, it was mostly personal tinted posts? Now the internet is saturated with weblogs, from cat stories to entries filled with words aimed at SEO.

Sometimes I spend hours on thinking how to really define different types of weblog, what really qualifies as a good weblog. The content, a decent and usable design, but now a days with ads and all the social media extra, one must really nail down the ‘perfect’ combination to make a good weblog.

Meanwhile I’ll keep looking out for good examples.

The Good Doctor

Then came the good doctor
Whose calm can settle a ward
As when a harsh wind drops
Or evening sun breaks through.
His careful explanations settled you.
No ego flaunts itself, no phoney cheeriness,
Just sense and human kindness

A beautiful poem, very close to daily life of many people.

How do you know what type of writer you are?

Some of us make these decisions based on what we want to write, and that seems pretty logical. But how can you be sure that you’re not ploughing the wrong furrow?

How do you know that you wouldn’t be better off writing something else instead?

Two week ago I linked to Laura’s post, How do you wan to write. Here Iain goes deeper on the subject more related to writing a novel.

The Jiminy Conjecture

As Sheldon said in S3E2, “I’m not crazy! My mother had me tested!”
Of course, in my case it was various pressures from certain people which made me wonder if something was wrong with me, but apparently I’m ridiculously normal, if a complete “nerdy, techy, creative geek.”

Any post that quotes Sheldon to illustrate a personal story, gets points in my book.

Is Cursive Dying?

At the time my wife and I were growing up in northwestern Ohio, we were taught the Zaner-Bloser method of writing cursive, beginning in second grade. I remember hardly being able to wait to learn it so that I could write like the older kids and grown ups.

I learned to write cursive in when first learning to write but along the way in highschool and college my handwriting changed completely. Using a keyboard everyday isn’t much help either.