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The heart, mind and murder test for writers

Even if you’re writing passes the heart test with flying colours, even if it sails through the mind exam without any problems whatsoever, you may still need to murder your darlings.

A good read about how to judge your writing and when to take action.

How Twitter Slowly Destroyed Jay Cutler

Twitter allows for a mob mentality to erupt with ease. It requires no effort to send out your opinion online, and it becomes easier to be negative when you can follow the lead of someone else.

Twitter has become like a small town, where everybody is talked about and being exposed. It doesn’t matter if you have a Twitter account or not. Jay Cutler is a huge example, but what happened to him I’m sure happens at highschool’s, college’s and work places all over the world.

Living In The Moment

Tomorrow is coming whether I sleep, eat, party or work. It’s a matter of hours and minutes. I could worry about what it will bring, or what could go wrong. But instead, I choose to enjoy being alive right now, to live in this moment, and to trust in myself that I will be able to handle whatever is coming.

I do my best to live in the moment, it’s way easier said then done. But like the entry says, we have no control over what will happen in 5 minutes, the next day or over 10 years. You can plan of course, but basically you have to go with the flow.

Which Browsers Do and Don’t Use “Do Not Track”

[…] both Mozilla and Google announced that they will be offering up ways for Firefox and Chrome users to opt out of behavioral tracking. But where can consumers find the new features, what exactly do they offer, and will they really work?

I’m still waiting for the really do no evil company who will choose for privacy instead of selling out. The web needs a ‘freedom’ fighter.

Reading Overload

Couple of weeks back, I realized that I have to step back and take a look at my reading habits. I realized that I didn’t have to read everything that I may find interesting.

This is very true, I read so much online that most of the time when referencing to something I read about, I can’t remember where I read it. At least an hour a day is wasted reading stuff I forget the next day. But then again I’m a compulsive reader, I always need to be reading something.