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This week entries have nothing in common with each other, except that they are all written with a personal touch and familiarity.

20 Things to Have on Hand for Power Outages

Basically, it became the 1800s, and there are important things I learned from that experience. Here is a list of affordable items to make sure you have when you’re heading into a possible power outage.

Recently I have been thinking that I have nothing in the house for in case of emergency, not even a flashlight. With the extreme weather change the chance of a power outage is getting more and more real. This entry is a must read, it’s 101 basics in emergency cases.

The Power of Living Small

The best part about living in a smaller space is that it has forced me to edit the belongings I have and has kept me from buying as much as I would in a larger space. If your home closets that are small, if you don’t have a basement, if there is no garage…then these situations can truly work for you as a way to keep your clutter naturally under control.

In my experience, removing or getting rid of things and furniture you don’t use brings peace of mind. I think that’s why we tend to want to organize and clean up when we have work to do in front of us, you know, besides procrastination.

Prepping for 2011

The gray table in the guest room, I was later told, was actually white when he was done cleaning it. Coins appeared magically sorted by their value, stacked neatly on my shelf. Pairs of socks were joyfully reunified after a long sundering.

Dave’s stories are always a pleasure to read, the way he writes about missing socks takes the ordinary out of it.

How Do you Want to Write?

Each type of writing format works with different topics and your own feelings about the topic. Pick a style and then the topic that works for you. Just thinking about how you want to write can give you great ideas for what you want to write about.

Check out Laura’s pointers if you are looking to vary your writing style. Most people write free form, it would be a interesting mix to give other writing forms a try.