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This week I’m highlighting two interviews and an entry about becoming a travel writer. Except for this weblog once I have never done an interview. I have played several time with the idea to interview someone, thinking about whom I would like to know more about and write about.

The tricky part of doing interviews, especially with people who have been interviewed before, is to come with new and interesting questions. If you are planning to do an interview, check out these two listed below. Note how they approach the question based on what they blog about.

Interview With A Myth Buster

Kari brings a unique perspective to the show as an artist, a science chick, and a working mom. We’re honored to get her take on how to encourage young girls to take a greater interest in science.

I watch Myth Buster once in a while, I never give a second thought to Kari’s background. She must spend a lot of time telling her kids to not try what she does at home.

So You Wanna Be a Travel Writer?

Sitting on a beach, being plied with free drinks, and writing leisurely is far from the reality of travel writing. Picture this instead: If you are lucky enough to get a free trip, expect to be ushered in a maniacal fashion from attraction to attraction, pressed with the personal agendas of local tourism boards. Downtime is usually spent holed up in your room, desperately typing notes and trying to keep up at the expense of sleep.

A very sobering reality about what many view as a dream job.

Interview with Maurissa Guibord – Author of Warped

Warped hit bookstores yesterday, and my copy is currently winging its way to me from Amazon. This is one of my most anticipated 2011 releases, and I was delighted that Maurissa Guibord was able to drop in for a virtual visit.