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It’s back to business this week, work to catch up with and weblogs to read. A lot of new year’s resolutions have been made all over the web. My new year’s resolution is to not have any new year’s resolution, just to stay positive and to do my best.

Laura’s post reminded me of WordPress Daily Post Challenge –

Are you Doing the WordPress Daily Post Challenge?

Will you start the WordPress Daily Post Challenge? There’s a blog with daily prompts and ideas, or you can follow the Twitter feed.

I don’t think I’ll be able to do that daily, but I will be checking in each day and see if there is a topic that I want to write about. It is a very stimulating project and I guess if I was in a very sharing mood I could easily write thousand words on today’s topic: are you stressed out?

Kenny needs no inspirations, as he wrote a poem about having his own small library at home.

I Want Neil Gaiman’s Library

What do you spy with your little eye, amongst the towers of tomes?
A title, a colourful cover, a manga assassin nun from the city of Rome?
These are the many pages (and spines) that make up our home sweet home.

If I could fit that much books in my apartment I would barely leave the house and instead spend it in a comfy chair surrounded by all the books.