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Noteworthy Content of the Week

This week is a busy week for most people, work to finish before the holidays vacation, last minute shopping and planning the Christmas dinner. For us who write on weblogs there are articles and entries to be published. That is the thing about internet, while life slows down in countries where it’s snowing heavily, online it’s business as usual.

I came across only one website announcing no new posts until new year. Also ideal or not, depends on your view, Christmas is in the week-end, so Monday it will be business as usual. I must admit I have a hard time concentrating behind the computer while my thoughts keep drifting to what I’ll be cooking and wanting to watch TV shows reruns that play around Christmas.

But I managed to go through the whole feed twice and here are this week five noteworthy content.

Have a Merry Christmas!

10 tricks to help you feel like a writer

So yeah, this list is for writers-who-are-probably-not-writers-really. But I know that doesn’t apply to you, right? You’re a real writer. You write all the time.

Dear mum

Then it was time for him to go to bed and for some reason I don’t even really remember we had an argument. It can all go downhill so quickly.
I went out to the lounge and noticed he’d turned on the glitter lamp. I looked closer at the glitter lamp and saw the note there.

What’s the Most Reliable Blogging Service?

The recent outage at Tumblr – and a major loss earlier in the year for – has raised fresh frustration in the social media space about platform reliability, and this is what appears to have prompted Pingdom to evaluate five major blogging services for reliability.

How Twitter Killed Morgan Freeman: The Anatomy of a Rumour

On Thursday December 16th at approximately 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Morgan Freeman died – at least according to twitter. 24 hours later, Morgan Freeman is (thankfully) still alive, CNN is denying responsibility for the rumour, and the tweet has been removed. A breakdown of the incident reveals that, especially in the social media era, you can’t believe everything you read.

A Passenger in London

It was a sen­sa­tional feel­ing to be mov­ing so freely in the open air, even in a London win­ter (you can see early morn­ing con­den­sa­tion on his wind­shield in some shots and the win­dows of some cars).