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Ten days till Christmas and more and more Christmas related posts are popping up. From what gifts to buy, what to cook and decorations. Everything you need, idea wise, can be found on weblogs. You can get everything related to Christmas done online.

With 2010 coming to an end I took a moment to go over it, how one can get everything done online compared to 10 years ago. Order gifts, send e-cards, order food from the supermarket. You only have to get up to decorate your home and cook dinner, if you are actually cooking.

For Christmas Day I’m looking for a restaurant to eat at as we have our home dinner on the 24th. I visited a couple of restaurant websites, e-mailed all of them about their Christmas menu and if they still have space. Half of them didn’t reply back. Entering a new decade I expect business to treat their e-mail with same importance as a telephone call.

I believe we will start seeing a huge gap between business who understand online presence and those who think having a website is enough. That may have been so 10 years ago, but now your content needs to be up to date, you have to be reachable for your customers through e-mail and social media. They could certainly take an example of us webloggers.

The only way we may not be reachable is by smoke signal, because we are behind the computer replying to comments, e-mail, tweets and wall posts.

Taking a break from Christmas posts except for one, here are some interesting posts of the week.

The Social Experiment: Old Skool is Still Cool

The idea started when Trent Mitchell, a video-production teacher at Shorecrest saw the movie The Social Network, a story about the founding of Facebook and wondered if his students could cut themselves off from text and Facebook. Mitchell, 36 told the students that he didn’t think they could tear themselves away from social media.

Social Book Reading Sites On The Rise As eBooks Surge In Popularity

[…] the written word will continue to command huge profits and is here to stay. It’s no surprise too then, that eBooks and the proliferation of social networks are fueling the rise in popularity of social reading websites.

Ideas for Writing Christmas Cards

Get inspired by Talk Like a Pirate day and write the Christmas card in Pirate speak, in the style of a Borg or some other character from history or fiction.

Walking Denmark

But lest you think Denmark is filled with old dude farmers using only hand tools – clothed or otherwise – think again. Subsequent days I saw huge crop machinery processing hay right in the fields, wrapping it up in preparation for shipping. And the big machines were shiny and uber-modern, like some glossy advert in a magazine.