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From Sunday to Monday, for 24 hours, Tumblr was down. I don’t keep a weblog on Tumblr, but I do follow several, ranging from books to tattoos. This monster down time made me realize several things:

  • I’m way more hooked on Tumblr than I thought.
  • Following several weblog hosted by the same service can cause your content flow to come to almost full stop if the service goes down.
  • I should really start making local back-ups of everything I have online, not just my websites.

While Tumblr has millions of users of which most just reblog each others posts, there are a lot of webloggers who publish their own content, may it be articles, photos or design. Even some webloggers who used to run their own weblog application. This 24 hours downtime made clear that if you are a serious weblogger you should use a decent host and run your own CMS.

If you are not very technical, there are several host companies who offer all in one package with everything installed and running. Otherwise you run more risk of facing regular down time and a bunch of disappointed readers.

The 9rules feed was online non stop during Tumblr’s down time.

This week selected entries:


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