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Winter has officially started, with a bang too I might add. I’m staying more indoors than I already do, I want to write on my personal weblog but the only topic filling my head is: It’s unusually cold, it is snowing for two days already, look at the photos I took of snow.

I’m sure withing a few more days I’ll be tired of it all and start counting the days till summer. On the good side the weather is inspiring to work on new projects, because lets face it, who wants to be outside with this cold.

Back on topic, I selected this week a couple of entries focused on weblogging and writing. An awesome personal project to create a board game of Plants vs Zombies and a detailed look into Murdoch’s plan to deliver digital newspaper to iPad only.

Start searching if you want to find your writing voice

All writers are aware of the concept of voice, but far too many ignore the first part of that often used phrase: ‘to find your voice’. They either think that it’s inherent in the very act of them writing, or they don’t actively search.

Why Murdoch’s Tablet-Only Paper Will Get Young Professionals Charged Up About Daily News

The Daily will be a daily newspaper available exclusively on Apple’s iPad. This exclusivity speaks to one part of Murdoch’s news strategy – make The Daily elite.

A Little Overboard

A homemade board game of Plants vs. Zombies.

5 Reasons Blogging Isn’t As Easy As Experts Think

So new bloggers have a lot of reasons to chicken out. Blogging is all about hard work, if you ask any blogger what the definition of blogging would be, they’ll reply with a similar answer – hard work.

Managing your workflow in December

The month of December is a notoriously unproductive time of the work year. Clients, vendors, and co-workers are off on vacations, attending holiday parties, or perpetually snacking on cookies and flavored popcorn in the office kitchen. Getting someone to weigh in on a decision or to complete his portion of a project can be — or at least seem like — an impossible task.