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This week Dave’s entry; Seeking Resistance, really gave me a lot of food for thought. It is okay to struggle with whatever you are undertaking, it doesn’t mean you suck or are bad at it. You just have to push yourself and work hard to achieve what you set out to do.

Ignore non-constructive criticism and take constructive criticism into consideration. If you like writing on your weblog, just keep on writing. Keep setting new goals for yourself, learn, improve and most important follow your own path.

Seeking Resistance

Creating something worthwhile is a time-intensive task even when you know what you’re doing, and if you have to acquire the know-how beforehand it will take even longer.

The Greatest Blog Post Ever Written

I once wrote in a blog post that I thought I was better looking than Brad Pitt and possessed a body that would make Zeus weep with shame. At least one person thought that I was being serious. And I know this because she took the time to write and tell me what an arrogant jerk I was.

What Can Psychology Tell Us About Why People Go To Facebook?

What are the real reasons why people use this social networking site? My plan is to explore this exact question […]

Livable streets

Traffic forms a wall in between people, and proximity plays just as much a part in being good neighbors as personality.

Interview: Roland Sands

After racking up 32 broken bones, he traded in his leathers for paper, pencil and a computer.