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One of this week selected entries focus on how writing is mostly a lot of thinking and I partly agree. Whether it is a personal inspired or just fact writing. I spend a lot of time thinking when writing my opinion or just stating facts, on how to formulate it and if I’m not coming off stronger then intended.

Back in highschool we had to write an essay for an exam, which meant we had an hour and a half to write a short essay. We did not get the topic before hand or anything, they just tell you to write an essay about a topic which you are given right there. Needless to say there isn’t much time to think but just write and think as you go. An hour and a half to formulate your opinion, write it down in perfect grammar as it is a language test. Once done check it for mistakes and write the final version. Getting essays for homework is much more easier then doing them during exams.

Telling you this I mean to say that writing from the heart is always there, you just have to edit yourself instead of publishing right away. I think I mentioned this before, that when writing a long post I always let it sit in draft and take a look again at it at another time before publishing it. Most of the time I end up editing it before publishing.

With weblogs, especially ones with high traffic, thinking is a must. “With great power, comes great responsibility”. I would like to say we are not responsible with what people do with information and opinion they get from us, but the contrary is true. Fact is a lot of people don’t have an opinion and will take others their opinion as their own, politics is a great example of this.

10 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Doing Well

You had lot of enthusiasm when you started your blog and it has been quite sometime now. However you find that your blog is not getting much traffic and you are clueless why your hard work is not getting noticed.

Advice for a New Blogger

Ideas flow for a new project when you still have all your passion. Later, when you hit a rut or things seem to be plodding along, you need to still have the interest, the drive to be able to keep the blog going.

A change of seasons

I’ve been wait­ing for the snow to come. Even with the has­sle and the mess and the bit­ing cold, it’s still worth it to wake up to a white world.

An entry that feels like a short story aided with pictures. We can often recognize ourselves in personal entries written by others, just like with books.

The best writing comes from the head, not the heart

The best writing come not from the heart, but from research, practice and a willingness to learn from experience. The one thing writers absolutely need to do is think. And think hard.

Increase Your Word Power

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