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I have come across entries around the web and tweets where people express their opinion, that if you can’t think of something to write you are not passionate anymore about it. Basically implying there is no such thing as writer’s block. I have given this opinion some thought and I must say I disagree.

Personally what keeps me from writing a lot is my perfectionist nature that only wants to do something if I’m sure it will be good. Secondly, personal life issues influences motivation and creativity a lot. While some people will use that to get writing a lot, others like me just can’t find a starting point.

I find it short sighted to imply that one has lost its passion to the subject they write about. Of course that can happen but it is definitely not the only reason people can’t think of something to write about. If you find yourself without ideas set a simple task, e.g., I write book reviews or about a new food dish I cooked. These kind of posts are mostly opinion posts which will get your thoughts flowing.


You walk into a strange city, a place for­eign to you. You know this as soon as you arrive. The peo­ple, they look dif­fer­ent. Their faces are friendly but they are strangers. You are, my friend, far away from your home.

A beautiful written entry about the City of Kuching located in Malaysia. The atmosphere is conveyed so well it will make you want to take a trip there.

My quest to become an endurance athlete

So why am I doing this? To challenge myself. Unlike team sports where you depend on others to compete against unknown variables, in endurance racing, the only person I have to worry about is myself. I’m not out there trying to win these races, I’m out there trying to beat my previous records. I’m out there to prove to myself that I can do something I didn’t think I could do.

Today I was again confronted with the subject of challenging myself. If I don’t have an external push I will not feel very motivated to achieve the best. E.g., websites for client absorb me a lot more than if I’m working for something personal. It’s all about delivering something good on time and surprising clients with extra’s they didn’t expect.

I have to work more on my own personal goals and motivation and get to a point that I can be completely absorbed by what I’m doing and not get distracted. To me that is one of the challenges I face.

Are You “Mathematically Challenged?”

Recently I ran across an interesting blog post on why old phone numbers used to begin with letters instead of being all numbers. That’s why the old rotary dials had letters as well as numbers. Those letters carried through to push-button phones and now cell phones All of that was the precursor of texting on cell phones with letters on each key, except the placement of the Z.

I was never good at math, I love numbers but numbers don’t love me. I still have my highschool calculator and recently even had to use the calculator to calculate a number to the power of n. Miraculously I remembered which key to use for that.

Cross off the Annoyances

Make a list of everything bugging you, annoying you, peeving you off and just making you want to have a royal fit or an old fashioned temper tantrum.

I did just this a week ago, instead of listing things I just wrote down about a big issue bothering me. As for things to be thankful for, almost every day I sum that up in my mind. We don’t realize it but we are very lucky to have a home with heating, clean water, whatever food we want, a comfy bed with clean sheets and more luxuries.